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Lawn mowing services
Lawn mowing services
Mowing Service:
  1. Front and back portions of property (clock-wise patterns when performed weekly). 
  2. We use the proper mowing equipment on your property.  
  3. String line trim around perimeters of house, buildings, flower beds, and fence.  
  4. We trim with definition in all surface utility ports and stone work as needed.  
  5. Edge all walkways and driveway areas. 
  6. We have state of the art, professional blowers that guarantees clean flat surfaces, free of all left over debris. 

Scheduling and routes:
We offer both weekly and bi-weekly mowing services.  While bi-weekly is most economical, weekly is encouraged for the best results. Water and fertilizing regularly is an important practice for your turfs health; weekly mowing is just as essential.

 *We break up grass collected left over by mower decks.*

Maintenance of our equipment is important to your service?
  1.  We frequently sharpen our blades to ensure the quality, turf health and appearance. Dull mower blades tear the tip of your turf's grass blade rather than precision slice. This causes uneven growth patterns and challenges the nutritional value of your turf.
  2. Between regular use and transportation, our equipment takes contstant abuse both on and off production. We regularly check our equipment for loose bolts, hose fittings, gas line gasguets and any other areas that may cause devistating results to your landscape and properties over all safety.   
  3. Dirty, gunked up equipment are both undesirable and unsightly. To avoid mud, animal waste and unwanted trash to be carried over onto your property; we make it a habit to regularly clean off our maintenance equipment.