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Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilization and weed control Arlington, TX, Lawn care

   We use the most premium, professional turf fertilizers the industry provides. Our slow release, granular , fertilizer and pre-emergent products, continually protect and feed your turf the proper nutrients 5-6 times a year. 

   The series of applied pre-emergents will build a barrier on the top layer of the soil. This barrier will prevent new native weeds from developing in the spring time and throughout the year.  Annual fertilizers will slowly release a good balance of nutrients to the turf root system over a course of 6-8 weeks. 

In addition to a healthy watering plan, the root system and ph levels of the turf will remain in a good balance all year long. 

      *We corporate all left over granular fertilizer & weed control left on walkways and driveways*

Treatment applications satarting rates
$65 Per application

Fertilization and weed control Arlington, TX, Lawn service

   We use both general and selective post emergent herbicides to kill off those pesky weeds we all hate. This treatment generally takes one application (non severe cases) to eradicate the problem. 

What's a selective herbicide?

   This particular weed treatment (post emergent) will kill off most native weeds that are commonly seen in your area. Both spot treating and general broadcasting application practices are used depending on the severity of the problem. THIS APPLICATION WILL NOT KILL YOUR GRASS as it kills the unwanted weeds it contacts. 

Treatment application starting rates
$85 per aplication

What's a general herbicide?

     General herbicides are also a post emergent herbicide that will kill all vegetation it comes in contact with. We use these herbicides carefully around walkway areas, flower beds, clear out areas of turf to prep for new grass and or new landscape installation. 

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